This mother is very happy with the cow which has been contributed by a donator from Netherland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

Save money with us for a cow in Kyrgyzstan

The fact that cow gives milk is acknowledged. Yet, not many people know that the cow contributes to the integration of disabled children.

In a developing country such as Kyrgyzstan (also known as Kirghizia), any family with disabled child find life hard.

In several ways a family with disabled child, who received a cow through our charity, is given help:

  • As milk is purchased in a family’s house, residents of that village inevitably come to the house of the family. In this way the family does not only become more socially exposed but they also become materially self- sufficient.
  • The mother is able to take care of her child without leaving the house.
  • The residents of village become self- assured that the disabled child is not a “monster” and allow their own child/children to play with him or her.

From 2005 until 2009 we have been working with the organization “Every Child” in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2010 we are working with the Kirgiz organisation 'Nur Bala'.

We have regularly visited the families to ensure that the handicapped child and the cow receive good care.

We agree with the family that the first baby cow ought to be given away to a different family. However, every other calf can stay with the family.

We give cows not only to private individuals, but we also help the care centers for disabled children.

One cow costs 750 euros but of course any contribution is welcomed.

An individual, organization or company, giving one cow, can give a name to their cow. In the case when the money is collectively collected by different people or through various auctions, then we name the cow.

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Do you want to help? It is possible!
One cow costs 750 euros.

More than 500 families have received cows.
Will you join us?
Under the link “Donation” you can find the instructions of how to make a contribution.

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your aim only when
you achieved it”

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