This mother is very happy with the cow which has been contributed by a donator from Netherland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

Our Coöperation with Nur Bala

In Kyrgyzstan we have been cooperating with the EveryChild foundation for a few years. Pepijn Trapman, the initiator of the project “Give a Cow”, started working with EveryChild during his work in the international organization for development “VSO” between 2005 and 2007. He had a chance of finding out more about their methods of work and results. This experience became the basis of his trust in the organization.

When Every Child was withdrawn from Kyrgyzstan a memebr of Evey Child started her own coioperation Nur Bala. Nur Bala has the same targets an goals as Every Child.

The aims of the Nur Bala foundation are significantly wider than are the goals of our organization. Nur Bala protects the interests of children with development difficulties and tries to ameliorate their level of living and potentials. The project “Give a Cow” is a part of their work.

In 2005 Pepijn gave one cow as a gift after his contribution a number of other donations was followed. In the early stages of the project his close relatives contributed but later friends, colleagues and acquaintances who chanced to know the project joined the initiative.

As the donation of cows to the families with disabled child became a great success, it was officially decided to create a mutual agreement with EveryChild.

The result of this initiative was the creation of a new post “assistant with cows” in February 2008. Pepijn and his parents pay the salary of an assistant with cows. But the person who fills this position is accountable to the organization of Nur Bala. The tasks and responsibilities of assistant with cows can be found on the page “project”.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the general method of work and starting points of the Nur Bala organization.

EveryChild has been working in Kyrgyzstan since 1999. Our mission is working with families, communities and government to create the best environment for children to thrive and develop for their full potential. We protect the rights of children in line with the UN Convention on Child Rights.

Our vision is a world where every single child has the right to grow up in a safe and secure family, free from poverty and exploitation.
In all our projects we are trying to introduce sustainable positive change in partnership with governmental institutions and communities.      

On this moment we are supporting 4 groups of parents and their disabled children in Talas Province, who expressed their wishes to open a Day Care Centre for their children. In this way the disabled children will get the services they need from well trained professionals, while parents can work and reduce their poverty related problems on a personal level. If we can develop Day Care Centers, parents do not have to place their child in institutions. The child can get the love of his parents and still get the professional support he needs.

This project is community based. This means that the initiative comes from the community and that everybody is contributing something. Parents give their time and energy; government structures gave parents suitable buildings, people from the community are doing repair work, etc.

Because resources are always limited, especially in Talas Province, parents see the importance to combine all that is available. They have asked us to write a letter to you and to discus the possibilities of supporting their initiative. They understand that their dream can only become reality if we are able to combine all strengths.


All the projects of EveryChild are aimed at local community. It entails that the local communities need to express their own initiative and that every member of the society willing to use the services of this center should somehow contribute to the common cause of the project. Parents give their time and energy; local residents do a number of various small jobs in the establishment, garden and etc. As the sources for livelihood in the country, especially in the Talas region, are scarce, parents find it very important to combine everything available at their disposal. The parents asked us to write you a letter and discuss all possibilities of supporting their initiatives. They understand that only when all efforts are united their dreams will be realized.

Food for Thought

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough”

Rabindranath Tagore