Deze moeder is erg blij met de koe die is geschonken door een weldoener uit Nederland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

Our goals

The goal of our foundation is to ameliorate the living standard of disabled children in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we give dairy cows to the families that are carefully selected. The conditions are ample strict. We collect money to buy cows with help of different auctions. In this we are helped by our friends and unknown people from all The Netherlands.

Our charter acknowledges the following:

The foundation Give a Cow set the following goal:
a. increase of the living standards of people with mental and/ or physical defects in Central Asia.
b. implementation of all necessary actions for realization of the aforementioned goal or facilitation of its realization.

The foundation aims to realize its goals by providing dairy cows to the targeted groups that will consequently be involved in economical relations.  

Do you want to help? It is possible!

There are many families needing your help. Contact us to find out  how you can buy one cow or Contribute to her purchase.  One cow costs 750 euros.

Food for Thought

“There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle”. 

Albert Einstein