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Geef een
KOE cadeau

en help een gezin met een
gehandicapt kindje
in Kyrgyzstan.

The Flora and Fauna

The Flora

There are different ecological systems in Kyrgyzstan. The most widespread ecological systems are the mountains, highland plateaus, alternated by the alpine meadows, tundra and glaciers. There are the forest territories such as the relict forests with walnuts and pistachio groves on the lower altitude, on the south of the country.

As a result of this diversity it gives a great variety of plants and animals. Kyrgyzstan has its unique 400 plants including some local sorts of tulips, various types of anemones and crocuses. In the forests on the south a great variety of walnuts, pistachio, almonds, apples, pears, cherries and pomegranate.


The mountainous landscape allows the country to have the alpine vegetation that the country is abundant with. A traveler on the mountainous plateaus of Tian- Shan can hardly avoid stepping on the widely growing edelweiss.  

The fauna

The fauna in Kyrgyzstan is very rich and diverse. About 300 species of birds live here, including 80 species of mammals, about 30 species of reptiles and amphibians and more than 10 thousands of different sorts of insects.

In the dried open zones, in the steppes, one can encounter gazelles, bustards and steppe fox. There are many different squirrels, including the European red squirrel. There are wild goats and mountain donkeys in the mountains, including a very rare species of the mountain argali noticed by his beautifully spiraled horns (the mountain sheep of Marco Polo). It is also possible to see a snow leopard that is also seen in the high, glaciered caps of Tian- Shan. One of the most frequently seen animals in the mountains is a marmot that is a small rodent animal. There is a high possibility to meet a badger.

Earlier an innumerous number of tigers and cheetahs had lived here but they had long disappeared. The single feline that could also be seen is an earlier mentioned snow leopard. Although 60 % of the species is in the territories of Kyrgyzstan, the chances to meet a snow leopard is close to zero. There are only about 450 leopards of this species. In addition, there are wolves and brown bears; it became less possible to find a dhole. On the south- west side of the country, in the Alai valleys the European otter can be found.

The kingdom of birds is great. The various species of predatory birds, such as vultures and eagles decorate the sky horizon of Tian- Shan.  There is also a wide spectrum of lapwing, blackbirds, sparrows, heaters, larks, and chickens in Kyrgyzstan.

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