This mother is very happy with the cow which has been contributed by a donator from Netherland

Geef een
KOE cadeau

en help een gezin met een
gehandicapt kindje
in Kyrgyzstan.

The Climate

The Tian- Shan mountains form the core of the Asian continent and have a pronounced continental climate. It means cold and long winters with the temperatures going down below – 20 °С; the much lower situated territories have hot summers.

It can not be hot in the mountains high up and nights are cold even in summer. On the altitude between 2000 and 4000 meters the weather alternates. On the high altitudes the night temperature can go down below zero; at the same time, in the day time, the thermometer can display 20 °С above zero. Rain showers and even snowfalls are not rare in the high mountains.

In the mountains the temperature becomes more stable in summer months. One can always find handy light summer clothes but to bring along an impermeable suit, warm pants and thick pullover will be proper too. 

The Tourism period

The mountainous landscape of Kyrgyzstan significantly complicates the development of tourism through out a whole year. The remote villages often remain inaccessible due to the imminent snowfalls. 

It is not recommended to travel to Kyrgyzstan in winter as the remoteness of the villages will not allow one to travel there but they form an indispensable cultural part of the country. The big cities, such as Bishkek and Karakol, are anytime accessible.

The more ideal time period for traveling is from June to September when it is possible to visit these remote places of the country. If you want to climb to the top of mountains, it is better to plan it for July and August, during these months it is most likely to have a good weather.

Food for Thought

You have not lost your smile. It is right under your nose. You just forgot that it is there.”

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