This mother is very happy with the cow which has been contributed by a donator from Netherland

Geef een
KOE cadeau

en help een gezin met een
gehandicapt kindje
in Kyrgyzstan.

The Nature and Landscape

The landscape of Kyrgyzstan is amazing. 94 % of the country is mountainous and it has unique and diverse flora and fauna.

The inaccessibility of the remote villages has greatly saved the flora and fauna, especially in the period of the Soviet rule. Other neighboring countries, such as Kazakhzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan had to follow tremendous state plans in agriculture that were accompanied with ecological disasters. Luckily, Kyrgyzstan had escaped this fate because of its mountainous landscape.


About 90 % of the territory lies on the altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level and approximately 40 % of the territory is above 3000 meters. The altitude varies from 400 meters above the sea level in the Ferghana valley to 7 437 that is the highest point in the country – the Pobeda peak in Tian- Shan.


If you look at the map of Kyrgyzstan, you will see the ridge of Tian Shan with its spurs stretching along all the country’s length. The mountain chain of Tian- Shan (celestial mountainous) occupies about 100.000 square miles and extends up to 2500 km from the north- west of China on all the territory of Kyrgyzstan to the borders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The central part of Tian- Shan is covered with snow and glaciers – one of the biggest glaciers in the world is located there and known as Inilchek whose length is 62 km. The spurs of Pamir are laid on the southern part of Kyrgyzstan at the borders of Tajikistan.

Issyk- Kule

There are about 1900 lakes in Kyrgyzstan among which the Issyk- Kule lake is the biggest and most renowned. The lake that is situated on the altitude of 1600 meters and has depth of 702 meters and area of 6280 square meters is one of the world’s biggest mountainous lakes in the world. The lake feeds many rivers coming into it; water outflows do not happen and yet they might evaporate. Therefore, it is a salt lake. The water cannot be used for irrigation or be a water source. Have a chance to visit the Son- Kol lake that is in the Naryn region. This lake is situated on the altitude of 3000 meters. It is a wonderful integral point of tourist trips that gives an opportunity to adjust to the altitude and experience the life style of local nomads living on the shores of this magnificent lake.

About one third is covered with the infinite amount of snow. Stone coal, plumbum, mercury and uran are important mineral resources.

Food for Thought

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”