This mother is very happy with the cow which has been donated by a contributor from Netherland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

Assistant with cows

The assistant with cows is responsible for selecting families responding to the selection criteria for receiving a cow. The family needs to meet a number of requirements.

The assistant buys a cow with family’s presence. In the majority of cases it is a reliable peasant from a local community from whom we already bought cows earlier. Sometimes a cow is bought from a local market.

The assistant continues to visit the family and observe their disabled children’s development. After receiving a cow, children’s well being should improve.

Our assistant keeps in touch with our foundation by writing emails. We communicate in English.

“The salary of assistant with cows is covered not by our foundation but by Trapman’s family (Pepijn Trapman is an initiator of the project, see “The origin of the project”).

Food for Thought

"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children.”

Princess Diana