This mother is very happy with the cow which has been donated by a contributor from Netherland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

The Selection Criteria

1. Family has a child – the age ranges from child’s birth to the age of 18 – with disabilities that are mentally and/or physically detrimental to his/her development.

2. Family does not have cows or any other livestock

3. Family is in vulnerable situation and poor.

4. The families with one parent (in the majority of cases they are single mother families) receive a priority.
If the family has a father, explanation of the fact why he is unemployed or why they need a cow should be given.

5. Family must not have the alcohol- related problems.

6. Family must be able to maintain the cow. Forage and place for a cow should be provided by the family; in case of need, veteran’s services are paid by the family.

7. Family must realize the long term advantage and must not use short term solutions (e.g. slaughtering  the cow for meat).

8. Families with many children receive a priority.

9. The Day Care Centers that children with disabilities attend and sustained with the efforts of local community can also apply.

“When a family receives a cow, in many cases the disabled child benefits. Yet, the family living standards generally develop too.”

Food for Thought

"The one who teaches children learns from them too”

A german proverb