This mother is very happy with the cow which has been donated by a contributor from Netherland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

The organization of work

As soon as the treasurer has 450 euros, the assistant with cows is contacted in Kyrgyzstan.

The assistant with cows has the list of families that met the selection criteria for receiving a cow.

Nur Bala receives money on their account from our treasurer. It proposes us a family that meets the selection criteria. The assistant with cows explains us how the family living standards will develop after receiving the animal.

After our confirmation, the assistant with cows together with the parents of disabled child purchases a cow. The family has a right to choose a cow. Milking cows ought to be bought in any case; sometimes calves are also preferred.

The cow is preferably bought from a reliable peasant from the local community. The peasant should be interested in selling a healthy cow to the EveryChild that gives enough milk, as next time, EveryChild will be interested to refer to the same seller. The cow is checked by veteran and after confirming that she is healthy, the animal is bought.

The assistant with cows asks us for a proper name to be given to the cow. In the case of one individual or on behalf of one group the donation of 450 euros is given, they decide how to name the cow. If the amount of money is collected from various donors, we usually name the cow. In the Newsblog we run a discussion in which anyone can participate and who is interested in proposing names.
The agreement of proper care after the cow is given is signed with the parents of disabled child.

After purchasing a cow, assistant with cows takes approximately five pictures with the family, the disabled child and the cow. These pictures together with the description of the family is electronically sent to us. We try to have the files within four weeks after transferring the money. We aim to establish our connection with the donor who contributed for the cow.

Assistant with cows continues to monitor the family and ensures that after when a cow calves, she is given good care. Most importantly, the well being of disabled child continues to improve.

If a cow dies of old age leaving a second calf, the family has a right to keep this and next calves.

If a cow dies before giving a birth to a second calf and the family gave a proper care, the family is put again on the waiting list of EveryChild to have a new cow.

The assistant with cows regularly visits the family, in the first 3- 4 months it is done on a monthly schedule. S/he takes notice of the care after the cow and positive changes in the child’s development.

The assistant with cows organizes regular trainings and consultations with assistance of a veteran – to ensure a better treatment of cows.

Once in a quarter our foundation receives the reports of family achievements from the assistant with cows.

The donors of one cow and members of EveryChild have a right to visit the families who received the cows. Before visiting the family it need to be agreed with us beforehand so the family in Kyrgyzstan will know of their visit. We don’t organize visitors’ transportation as it is not in our responsibility and because we are not a tourist organization.
We recommend CBT (Community Based Tourism) for that.

“Although the families are poor, there has not been any case of slaughtering a cow for the past years of working. People witness improvement of the living standards of their child and family based on their own experience and experience of other families after receiving a cow.”

Food for Thought

"Only those who look with the eyes of children

can lose themselves in the object of their wonder”

Eberhard Arnold