Deze moeder is erg blij met de koe die is geschonken door een weldoener uit Nederland

Give a Cow

& help a family with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan

Did you save up for a whole cow?

When you donate € 750,- you have saved up enough money for the purchase of one whole cow. This will enable you to think of a name for the purchased cow , which you can then specify on the donation form.

If you would rather stay annonymous you wont have to sign the donation form.

The name given to the cow should not just be randomly chosen. In Kyrgyzstan, a cow name is always chosen with care and respect. In Netherland a cow usually ends up as livestock whereas in Kyrgyzstan it is treated as their pet or in some cases part of their family. A cow is female so the cows prefer a female (or female-sounding) name.

On the opening page of "Project" you can see which names have all been chosen by different contributors.

It might seem strange to name a cow to a (deceased) family member but in Kyrgyzstan this is considered to be a sign of respect to the person the cow is named to.

Our foundation's bank account details are:
IBAN “NL84TRIO 0786851759”
t.n.v. stichting
Vlasakker 57
7582 AT Losser
The Netherlands

Food for Thought

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By going through it. ”

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